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Air Hose Couplings

Our company supplies a variety of air hose couplings, right from lock type, compressed air to quick release air Hose Coupling, along with air hose adapter. The body of these couplings are made making use of malleable iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass or any other metal alloy either through sand casting or investment casting. Composed of male thread, female thread and hose tail, air hose coupling can be connected in air hoses. The stainless steel couplings designed in a number of sizes machined by heat treatment or cold processing can be connected via connection methods, such as male, female, swivel, flare, push on or lock on.

Key Points:

  • This kind of coupler finds application in oil refineries, chemical plants, offshore rigs, chemicals, electronic, mining, agriculture, construction and other industries.
  • With these couplings, flexible and secure connection in fluid line can be made.
  • Each of the coupling has specific working pressure, pressure resistance, tightening torque and working temperature range.
  • These couplings are easy to install, sturdy and high pressure resistant.